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Ready for a profitable and smooth-running
online business you love?

Sound familiar?


💰 You struggle to have consistent and immediate cash flow in your business

🏧 Tech is a challenge

💫 You know you need systems but not sure which ones


💲 Your sales are inconsistent

💪You struggle with consistency and accountability

🤦‍♀️ Too many potential clients are slipping through the cracks 

Britt looking left.jpg

You're not alone.
We've all been there.
It's what you do next that matters.

Here's what you really need (and nobody is teaching you) to successfully systemize your type of business!


  • A Roadmap of simple systems to keep your progress on track and new clients on autopilot.

  • More time, money and resources to spend with your family.

  • A fool-proof branding and marketing system to generate leads and bring in a steady flow of perfect clients.

  • You would like weekly access to keeping you accountable and coaching to guide and support you on our journey with weekly training and the opportunity to get your questions answered when you need it.

  • You would like to connect with a human when you need guidance, direction, support and a pick me up.


You get all this in our 16 Week Program

Roadmap to Revenue!

We are different and unique because we do the work with WITH YOU!

Brittany Ann here, and I’m so happy to meet you!

I’m the "how to, and Get it Done Together" business coach for women entrepreneurs who are serious about combining their passion and skills into a profitable business they love.

For over 15 years I have lived the life of entrepreneurship. You know, the ups and downs of pursuing what you are passionate about no matter what. I’ve worked with fortune 500 companies and successfully built my own businesses. The valuable lessons I have learned along the way have been priceless.

During the 2020 pandemic. I made a transition from publishing my national women entrepreneur’s magazine to helping solopreneurs and business owners systemize their business so they can have more freedom and the money they desire and deserve.

However, it wasn't a walk in the park or even the home run I wished it had been.

I used to struggle with being productive and creating consistent profit in my business. I was so overwhelmed, and my business was in a state of chaos versus running smoothly and profitable. (Many restless nights)

I invested 1000’s in coaches, courses and tried just about everything. Then, I finally realized what was missing. I found my secret formula and now I'm sharing it with you so, you don't have to take as long as I did to figure it out to achieve your goals

Britt office.jpg

An Intimate 16 Week Done With You Mastermind.

Designed for entrepreneurs and business owners who want a complete business that generates consistent revenue with ease and confidence.

First, we'll look at what's working in your business, what gaps need to be filled, and how to solidify your infrastructure to maximize revenue NOW!

Core systems

✔ How to connect with customers and clients in an authentic and memorable way.

✔ Set up your business road map for success: How much money you want to make, how many clients you can comfortably serve, and how many hours you want to work.

✔ Be sure you are covered legally and ready if any surprises arise.

Gears transparent.png

Second, we're going to make the most of your time.

Core systems

✔ Build a schedule that allows you more time to enjoy life.

✔ Learn how to manage your time and work smarter not harder so you can have everything you want.

✔ We are going to create together simple and obtainable habits to keep you consistent and accountable to achieve your goals


Third, we’ll work to build a magnetic visibility and attraction system so you have clients lining up to work with you.

Core systems

✔ My step by step to “Show up like a Superstar” that generates hundreds of leads, and qualify 3 to 5 new clients per week.

✔ Let's put your CRM (customer relations manager) And simple automation to start attracting clients on autopilot

✔ Learn how to follow up like a pro, so potential clients and customers never fall through the cracks.

✔ You'll gain unshakeable confidence and grow your banking account bigger than you ever imagined

Increase clients.png

Lastly, my secret recipe to grow your fan club and follow up to make true personal connections. And How to become a Money Magnet!

Core Systems

✔ Learn how to follow up like a pro, so potential clients and customers never fall through the cracks.

✔ My personal step-by-step rinse and repeat system, so you never have to start over and you’ll keep generating revenue and never have to worry about money ever again.

✔ A simple follow-up system- How to stay connected, scripts, swipe copy, and more. How to nurture the leads and build the relationships with responding and conversation that turns into sales.

✔ Let's Make it happen TOGETHER. 

We'll be covering these Specific Systems that have a direct effect on your productivity and profits to achieve your business goals.

Follow Up


What it's like working with Brittany Ann 

Vikki Pic.png

Janis  T

"Brittany  Ann has such a passion for helping others grow their business. She does what she does because she is such a giving person! You will always learn from Brittany! I love her programs and the value they bring. You will learn something powerful that will last a lifetime!”

Victoria K

“Brittany Ann has definitely shown the power of women empowering women!!! I've never met anyone that has so much passion of what she does and is extremely well at it. Thank you

so much, Brittany Ann.. My dream has come true with your support, clarity and guidance. “

Will this work for me? Good Question!


Here are a few results form working with me 1:1 (For Now) 😉

I'll be moving to group coaching soon. 

Testimonies 1.jpg

This is for you if...

You want to organize and grow your business with ease

Want to increase your sales and banking account

Are ambitious and dedicated to making this the best time in your life

This is not for you if...

Are not coachable

Are not willing to show up and put the work in and do your best

f you are ready to set up simple systems that would directly boost your operations, productivity, marketing, and sales You're in the right place! 
Have a few questions? Book a free call today!

Your day could look like this-


- Ready for a day filled with booked sales calls and a ton of leads to follow up with and close

- No more crickets or worrying about how to generate leads

- Having a rock-solid steady flowing business you personally designed

- An automated lead generation sales attraction system that works

- Finally attracting and working with your perfect clients you love to serve

- More money in your banking account and time to enjoy life

- Control over your life and freedom

- Making a real impact on others

- More choices to do what you want on your terms

If you're ready to have your best year yet,
Let's chat and see if we are a good fit.

Think back to when you have invested in yourself in the past. How much time and money did you invest?
Did you put your best foot forward and really commit?
The truth is if that you want to see results, you have to be willing to put in the time, effort and believe in yourself!
You will get the results you desire if you choose to make it happen.
We're here to help!
You got this!
Now, book a call and let's talk about where you want to be and how fast it can happen.

Roadmap to Revenue 

Britt blowing leaves.jpg
Britt signiture.png
Always Believe something Amazing is about to happen!

Ultimate Woman International is a business consulting company that helps existing and new businesses
streamline and systemize their business. 
We make no claims or representation that by using our services or products
you will earn money or your money back. 
Testimonies shown are real experiences from past and previous clients.
Your business experience results and experience will vary based upon your commitment and business model that has been implemented by you, and forces of the marketplace due to anyone’s control.


Brittany Ann Mickens l Ultimate Woman International All Rights Reserved 2022 l Glendale, AZ 85301

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